Diabetes Clinic

DHC’s Diabetic Clinic is located at Dr. H. Jack Geiger Medical Center, in Mound Bayou.  It is accredited by the American Association of Diabetic Educators.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientists have identified a diabetes belt located mostly in the southern portion of the United States.  All 82 counties in Mississippi are included in this diabetes belt.  People who live in the diabetes belt are more likely to have Type 2 Diabetes than people who live in other parts of the United States.  In the DHC five county service area, the diabetes mortality rate is 107.7, substantially higher than the state of Mississippi rate of 35.2 and the nation’s rate of 23.8.

DHC helps patients take control of this serious illness. Necessary support and education of risk factors associated with diabetes such as kidney and heart disease, stroke, nerve problems, amputation, and depression are provided by:

  • Advanced Diabetes Manager
  • Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Certified womb care
  • Dietician
  • Social Workers

Delta Health Center | Diabetes Clinic | Mississippi Delta

Diabetic Services

  • Counseling & education
  • Gestational diabetes for pregnant women
  • Insulin therapy

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  • Glucose monitoring
  • Nutrition counseling, classes, & recipes