Diabetes Clinic

DHC’s Diabetic Clinic is located at Dr. H. Jack Geiger Medical Center, in Mound Bayou.

Millions of adults and children have been diagnosed with diabetes. DHC helps patients take control of this serious illness. Necessary support and education of risk factors associated with diabetes such as kidney and heart disease, stroke, nerve problems, amputation, and depression are provided by:

  • Certified Diabetes Educators

  • Dietician

  • Social Workers

  • Delta Health Center offers a Diabetes Self-Management Workshop for people diagnosed with diabetes.  A new group begins on the first Monday of each month.  See a DHC provider for a referral.

  • Funded by a grant from the Mississippi Department of Health, Delta Health Center offers a Diabetes Prevention Program for patients who meet the eligibility risk factors for diabetes.  See a DHC provider to see if you are eligible for a referral.  

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Diabetic Services

  • Counseling & education

  • Gestational diabetes for pregnant women

  • Insulin therapy

  • Glucose monitoring

  • Nutrition counseling, classes, & recipes

  • Diabetes Self-Management Workshops  – starting August 1

  • Diabetes Prevention Program – starting August 1