Delta Health Center Now Offering Telehealth Visits

Delta Health Center is committed to being responsive to your healthcare needs in these changing and challenging times.  It is not necessary for you to make a choice between continuing your social distancing and taking care of your health.

You now have an option to have a telehealth visit from the comfort of your home.  You can do this using any telephonic device that you have available.

This is available to all of our patients regardless of pay source.  Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance providers will be billed.  Self-pay patients can pay using a credit card.  If you are unable to pay, you can talk with someone to set up a payment plan.

We also understand the anxiety and stress that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing.  Telehealth services are also available to help you cope.  Our clinical psychologist, Dr. Nadia Bethley, is available via telehealth or in-person visits.

You can make an appointment with any of our providers by calling our main appointment line at 662-741-8800.  Or you can call any of our clinics at the numbers listed below:

Searcy-Cleveland:       662-843-7373
Greenville Central:      662-335-3991
Greenville South:         662-334-1253
Moorhead:                    662-246-8028
Indianola:                      662-445-0900
Hollandale:                   662-827-7400
Rolling Fork:                 662-873-6082
Mayersville:                  662-873-6933