The 2020 Elections

Delta Health Center’s beginnings are firmly rooted in Freedom Summer and voting rights.  It was Freedom Summer that Drs. Jack Geiger and Count Gibson and other young physicians, nurses, and many others from all walks of life, responded to the clarion call by Dr. Robert Smith to come to the Mississippi Delta to provide health care to the Freedom Riders who were here to register voters.  It was Freedom Summer when those young physicians became aware of the great need for quality, affordable healthcare for all people, and especially for underserved African Americans who had not been afforded healthcare for generations.  
As such, we continue to promote and encourage everyone to use their voice through the power of the vote.
All Delta Health Center clinics will begin seeing appointed patients at 10:00 am on Tuesday, November 3rd, to allow staff and patients  ample time to go to their voting precinct and cast their vote.  Because we anticipate longer than usual lines, we are also supporting staff who need to remain in line to cast their vote to do so, though it may result in tardiness. 
Many people gave their lives right here in the Mississippi Delta for the right to vote.  We encourage our patients, staff, and everyone to go to the polls and vote on Tuesday!